3D Printing – Renaissance architecture could possibly make a come back.

This 3d printing video was publish in 2013, Renaissance architecture could possibly make a come back with the latest technology in 3D printing. As 3D printers have become more main stream and the ability of the younger generations use of technology will lead to a less of a cookie cutter architectural design.

I’m really not sure if the majority of the public really understand the implications that 3D Printing technology will have on society. Some see the 3D printer as a toy to print trinkets, there are others that may think that 3D prints has been release on humanity to competently revolutionize ever aspect of our life. it is up to humanity to really decide that outcome.

In my opinion the technology leading up to the latest 3d printer “Open source” is really going to be dwarfed by the expiration of some patents related to 3d printing eg. “Apparatus for Production of Three-Dimensional Objects by Stereolithography,”

Time will tell.