I will say it again…. 3D Printing not just for trinkets 😉

The following will change the course, size and types of materials (filament) Edmonton 3d prints is currently uses. Edmonton 3d prints is going to be undertaking over the next few months one of the biggest challenges we have ever faced. The announcement of this projects details are still under wraps, these details to be cleared by our design department and released soon.The following articles information on 3d printed motorbike.

The articles information on 3d printed motorbike is a few years old, with that being said. Since its publish date there has been a few new developments in the types of material that (Source  3d hubs)additive manufacturing/ 3d printing can use. One that will definitively be of benefit to a project of this magnitude would be the carbon fiber composite filament. These developments will now enable a 3d printer to print some of the main components to larger and more complicated machinery.

3d Printed

This 3D printed motorcycle designed and produced by US firm Autodesk is made with functional parts using high-strength ABS thermoplastics.

TE-Motorbike 3d printed
TE-Motorbike 3d printed

The motorcycle is a custom hardtail design and features a frame, wheel bearings, handlebars and seat all printed in plastic. It is 8 feet long, weighs 250 pounds, and can support 181kg, or two adult riders.

3D motorcycle headlight
3D motorcycle headlight.

“For example, the headlight was 3D printed and then it was finished, and then we added copper and then nickel plating on top of it,” Fry said. “Everything was done in an additive fashion instead of the standard methods of manufacturing. In additive manufacturing, you add things to it rather than subtract.”

3D motorcycle wheel rim
3D motorcycle wheel rim-Sturdy wheel rim created using 3D printing.

** The bottom line is that the 3d printing technology has been manly made possible through the hard work of the open source community. **

Source: http://www.te.com/usa-en/about-te/our-company/innovation/3d-printed-motorcyle.html