Scan the world

Scan the world project is absolute honor to be involved in . To be one of the vary few to hold a piece of art that had only existed in a museums or in  an inaccessible location to a lot of the worlds population. These are some of Prints that Edmonton 3D Prints has completed for the Scan the World Project.


source for the following information. Being such a cheap means of producing accurate representations of artifacts, Scan the World offers to break down the walls of the art institution to allow the visually impaired to engage with culture. Traditionally the museum will enforce the rule of ‘don’t touch the artwork’ which means it is very difficult for the visually impaired to get anything from the museum.

For someone living in Australia wanting to explore the collection of the Rodin Museum but cannot afford to travel. The virtual archive allows people to ‘visit’ a museum’s collection, print and engage with it; similarly for someone who has visited a particular museum they can create their own ‘postcard’ of their visit.

For someone who wants to preserve their culture digitally, with the accessibility of cost-effective new technologies it’s possible for anyone to scan and share their culture with the world.

New technologies—and initiatives like "Scan the World"—are helping us to preserve and access culture by Martin Roth / June 14, 2016