3D Printed – Under Cabinet Drawer

Can you say 3D printed Under Cabinet Drawer five times fast. Well what do you do when you need extra storage for those little pesky parts that are always difficult to keep track of. I’m going to tell you. You start by looking at your favorite 3D modeling site for the product you require. In this case Edmonton 3D prints needed some under desk storage. A quick look though my favorite stl download site……and bam…..”Under Cabinet Drawer”. A quick download and it is all under way storage…..The drawers and rails were printed with T-Glass, this is a plastic similar to plastic spoons and forks. With T-glass property the pints can be opaque or semi transparent.The filament used for this project was purchased from our friends at RepRap Warehouse.

3D Printed- Under Cabinet Drawer

by ogwen, published

Thingyverse Source  : Under Cabinet Drawer